Swinging into Summer

Do you know what the best air conditioning is in the summer? A swing of course!

IMG_4460While we were walking around our land, we found a beautiful tree that I instantly thought would be the perfect place for a swing! My favorite book when I was in kindergarten was the “Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein and the tree we found reminded me of that story. I had brought my sketch pad with me, so I sketched a quick drawing of the tree with a swing and Mark peeked over my shoulder and said, “I can do that!”


Within 3 days, Mark was lassoing the tree and working on building my swing, and I knew then that I had married a man who makes my dreams come true.


The tree is on a slope, so when I sat in the swing, walking it up the slope, I had butterflies in my stomach. How much did I really trust my husband and his handiwork? Well, without thinking too much about landing on my butt, I took a deep breath and let go!

I felt the air rush toward me as I swung out toward the creek and was about 6 feet off the ground at the end of the arc. I couldn’t contain my giggles! I felt like I was flying and I’m sure the smile on my face looked crazy on a grown woman but in that moment, I was a little girl again, reading about the Giving Tree and wishing I had a tree I could love and never cut down like the boy in the book did. And now, after 28+ years, I finally had my tree and I could swing from its limb and feel free. The swing was the first thing we built on Taylor Acres and I think it says a lot about us and our future together. 😊


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