Taylor Acres gets a tractor!

IMG_4446After I graduated from The Graduate School of Banking at LSU, Mark and I finally had enough time to shop for a tractor. We looked at several brands before we finally settled on a Kubota 3901 with a front loader, back hoe, bush hog, and a box blade…. whew! That was a lot of money but it was well spent because Taylor Acres is in desperate need of a haircut. Neither one of us has ever bought a brand new car, but we know we have our priorities straight when we decided a new tractor was a worthy investment. Yesterday, as we sat on the back of Mark’s tailgate, waiting for Santa Claus to arrive with our new toy, we giddily talked about all the projects that we wanted to tackle. We want to clear a field in the front of the property, grade the driveway to our future homesite, clear around the pond, build a fence… and the list goes on and on! It probably sounds like work to most people but for us, it sounds like a dream come true. 51 Acres and a tractor to play with…. I never would have thought we would come so far and so soon.

When the tractor arrived, we were given a hands on tutorial on how to take the back hoe off and put on the other implements. We learned all the different leavers and most importantly how to hit the gas! Mike from Kubota was so nice and helpful. I am pretty sure we would have never figured out half of what he showed us if he hadn’t taken the time to help.

Once he left us to our own devices, we hopped on and started exploring the big field for the first time. We weren’t brave enough to use the bush hog without surveying the field first, so we just rode through the tall grass and looked for any large rocks or stumps that may need to be moved before we do the actual work.

After logging 2.5 hours on our tractor, we finally succumbed to hunger (we both skipped lunch because we were too excited to eat!) and we left our new toy under our new pole barn and went to Mike & Ed’s BBQ for a celebratory dinner. Needless to say, we were covered in sweat and smelled like diesel and Peppermint oil (it really helps to repel gnats and chiggers!) so we took our meal to go.

Ill update the blog soon with more Taylor Acres adventures!

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