Friday Afternoon at Taylor Acres

Taylor Acres and the man in charge

It feels like it has been the longest week! My mom had surgery on Tuesday and I was her “nurse” for three days. The hardest part of taking care of my mom is convincing her that she needs to be taken care of! She is doing great and I think she is ahead of the recovery curve.

Surgery Success!

Thursday, I finally finished editing photos of a wedding I shot in May. It took forever because I was out of town for school on top of it being a busy month in general. And on Friday, I finally was able to finish the first phase of a project I was working on for my “real” job in corporate finance.

Which leads me to the holy grail of the week: Friday afternoon! We packed up a cooler, I put on my Carharrts and my caterpillar boots, and off we scampered to the land to begin our first real work with the tractor.

As cliche as it may be, I’m really diggin’ his tractor đŸ˜˜

After struggling to put the bush hog on, Mark was pretty worn out, so guess who got to use the tractor first?! This girl! And, wow, it was even better than I imagined. As I rode, I became more and more comfortable with using the bush hog and by the time I completed half the field, I felt my mind completely relax and the weekend settle around me as my soul let out a big sigh of relief. There is literally nothing better than seeing the land transform beneath me.

The tractor was stopped but I had to snap a photo of the progress

At one point, Mark hollered out that he saw a rattlesnake, which he said was the biggest he had seen. If you know my husband, you know he doesn’t exaggerate!


We are going to eat breakfast at the Hound in Auburn today because of the rain, but Sunday is supposed to be sunny, so we will spend the entire day out there. Stay tuned!

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