Working in the Rain! Building a Dream Home and Sweating the Small Stuff

IMG_4669It can be very overwhelming if you think about the long list of things that need to be done when working on your land and preparing it for your dream home. We bought 51 acres in November last year, and the amount of things we need to do before we even think of breaking ground seems insurmountable when I look at where we are today and where I want to be in two years: sitting on our back porch and sipping coffee while listening to the rain and smelling the breakfast Mark is cooking for us…

But, in order to stop myself from worrying about the ten steps ahead of where I am today, I need to make sure to celebrate (seemingly) small milestones along the way, even if I’m working in the rain, instead of watching it from the comfort of my perfect little patio…

So far, we have had several successful milestones:

  • Hang a swing in my favorite tree (our first project on Taylor Acres)
  • Walk and tag our property line
  • Build a pole barn
  • Buy a tractor
  • Clear the entrance (see below!)
  • Bush hog the front pasture

And for each one, we made sure to take a moment to be happy that we were one step closer to building our dream home.


So, why work in the rain? We could have stayed home, watched Netflix and finished doing laundry (which desperately needs to be done!), but why let let a little rain ruin a perfectly good Saturday? When we woke up, the first thing we did was look at the hourly weather forecast, and lo’ and behold: rain was expected all day. The night before, we had both said that if it rained, we would just go to brunch and have a quiet day at home….

Well, we both said screw it this morning, threw our workclothes on, tossed a few water bottles in the cooler, swung by Chick Fil A for chicken biscuits and found ourselves on Taylor Acres at 9:00 A.M. with determination and lemonade pumping through our veins.

Mark won the tractor today (boo!), and did a great job clearing a large part of the field. We still have a small portion left to cut but we need a few days without rain before we can tackle the rest.


I can’t wait to cultivate this field, build drainage ditches, and put a nice fence around it for horses… oh, but let’s not get stuck too far in the future…

I had the honor of getting the runner up prize of clippers and a rake today, ha!


I decided to tackle the front entrance, and worked to clear vines and underbrush from around two large rocks that I am hoping to surround with flowers one day.


I think it turned out rather nicely and deserved a nice check mark on my to-do list. So, aftet several hours of work, we took a much needed break and walked to my favorite spot. My swing, of course!


The rain really brought out the natural beauty today, with the creek flowing and the mushrooms glistening. I’m so glad I was able to snap a few photos while enjoying our walk this afternoon.


Moral of the story: don’t let a rainy day rob you of a perfectly good “work” day but make sure to reward yourself with something, like a walk around your property, to enjoy the progress you are making toward your goals and the memories you are making along the way.


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